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I AM Program

Don't live beneath your potential. The best version of yourself is within reach. The I AM Monthly Subscription is an affordable, accessible way to declutter your life and make room for the people, places, and things that bring you joy. Each month subscribers will receive: 
Audio Coaching Session from Dr. Shante'
Monthly Devotion
Life Planning Pages
Digital Lesson that offers practical steps to grow spiritually, build healthy relationships, shed negative baggage, and live your best life. 

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Welcome to the I Am Monthly Subscription.

I AM... is a powerful statement because our subconscious mind believes whatever we insert at the end of…
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I AM Program

$27 / month
The I Am... Program is a Monthly Coaching Subscription that gives you gives you practical steps to build your spiritual muscle, develop healthy relationships, shed unwanted baggage, and live your best life.

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Dr. Shante Says...

Dr. Shante offers practical wisdom, inspiration, and strategic guidance to help believers reduce anxiety, maintain focus, and consistently build a life of purpose. 

Equipping God chasers and difference makers with the tools to turn belief into ACTION!

Hi! I'm Dr. Shante'. I launched my brand back in 2013 clinging to every guru, "coach", conference, and workshop I could get my hands on. I built my business in the era of "Grind!" "Hustle!" "#TeamNoSleep" "If You're Not Making Money, It's Just a Hobby!" and I followed these mantras until three years later, I was burned out, bitter, and ready to quit. That's when God said, "you've listened to everyone else; are you ready to listen to me?" And I was.  I've since shifted my focus from hustle to alignment, from chasing to attracting, and from influencing to creating IMPACT. That's what my podcast, Believing Bigger and this digital space is all about... rolling up your sleeves and doing the work that positively impacts the lives of others.