Live a Whole and Complete Life!

Hi! I'm Shante'. I launched my platform back in 2013 clinging to every guru, "coach", conference, and workshop I could get my hands on. I built my brand in the era of "Grind!" "Hustle!" "#TeamNoSleep" "If You're Not Making Money, It's Just a Hobby!" Three years later, I was burned out, bitter, and ready to quit. I've since shifted my focus to living a whole and complete life, one of alignment, peace and purpose. Learn more on my podcast, Whole & Complete & my Vlog on YouTube.


When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Dr. Shante' is one of my virtual mentors. She is always dropping gems to help move me to the next leg of my journey. Straight FIRE! 
Calvin Purnell
I am so grateful for Dr. Shante'. She ALWAYS comes through with a mighty word that forces you to take inventory and do a heart check. She is my mentor, teacher, and friend.
Christina King Rogers
Working with Dr. Shante' started me on a journey that led to the biggest transformation in my life. She created an environment that truly fosters talent and provides individuals with the tools to truly believe bigger. 
Barry White, Jr.

Ready to Thrive 1/2 Day Virtual Retreat

Ready to Thrive is for people who are tired of operating from lack,  scarcity, defeat, & survival and ready to live in power & abundance.

Create Consistency Live Webinar

2020 isn't over. It's not "canceled". Join Dr. Shanté for a LIVE WEBINAR to help you create consistency in your health, money, & business. 

Good Reads for Believers in Action

Success often leaves clues. Here are some of the books that helped me create a shift in my mindset to live a whole & complete life. 

Create Consistency & Re-Start Your Year

This guide will help you remove roadblocks and create the mental shifts you need to be consistent and get concrete results in your personal and professional pursuits. 

Hello? It's Me

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